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Inexcusable standards!

Posted by Neil Hartmann on May 1, 2011

Got this one from the Science Insider. The Government hires smart people to advice them on what to do and then doesn’t listen to their advice when it doesn’t suit their needs.

Government Adviser Quits Post to Protest Japan’s Policy on Radiation Exposure for Fukushima Schools

TOKYO—A prominent Japanese radiation safety specialist has resigned his governmental advisory post in protest over what he calls “inexcusable” standards for school children in Fukushima Prefecture. The Yomiuri Online news web site reported in Japanese this evening that Toshiso Kosako, a radiation safety expert at the University of Tokyo, feels the standards are too lenient and that his advice has been ignored.

On 19 April, the ministry of education announced a “provisional idea” for schoolyards contaminated by radiation emanating from the ravaged Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. The ministry cited a recommendation by the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP), based in Ottawa, Canada, that sets an acceptable level of between 1 and 20 millisieverts (mSv) per year for individuals. In its Application of the Commission’s Recommendations to the Protection of People Living in Long-term Contaminated Areas After a Nuclear Accident or a Radiation Emergency , ICRP recommendation reads:

The reference level for the optimization of protection of people living in contaminated areas should be selected in the lower part of the 1-20 mSv/year band.

Japan’s education ministry figured that children could spend 8 hours a day in a schoolyard with as much as 3.8 microsieverts per hour of radiation and then 16 hours a day inside a building with 1.52 microsieverts per hour and stay within a 20 mSv per year limit. Some 800 groups and 34,000 individuals have signed a petition demanding the withdrawal of the education ministry’s 20 mSv per year standard, according to a coalition of citizens’ organizations that will present the petition to the government on 2 May.

“Setting this (radiation exposure) number for elementary schools is inexcusable,” says Kosako, according to Yomiuri Online. His resignation is expected to put additional pressure on the government to rethink its decision.

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たいへんだ Some interesting facts

Posted by Neil Hartmann on April 30, 2011

Interesting fact. The present day radiation level 4klm from Chernobyl in a small village is about 4 microsieverts per hour. Keep in mind no one lives there even to this day as it is inside the exclusion zone.

The Japanese Government is allowing schools and kindergartens to operate and let children play outside up to 3.8 microsieverts per hour in Fukushima.

Would you let your child go to school 4 Km from Chernobyl? What if there was a really great exchange program and your child wanted to go? Would you be like, sure go ahead, but just don’t spend to much time outside ok!

No I don’t think so, well that is what the Government is telling everyone to do in Fukushima area.

Check out this guy below, if you read Japanese you should probably follow him on twitter, he has a lot of great timely information.

Ryuichi Hirokawa

Here is an interview with Koide-san from Kyoto University he also is shocked by the Governments decision.

For more detailed info you might what to check the web site of the ICRP (International Commission on Radiological Protection) they have a PDF entitled “Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Accident” that has some interesting statements about recommended radiation dosages.

Basically they are saying that in an emergency situation 20 Millisievert a year is allowable and I guess that is what the Japanese Government is basing there new rule on.  Keep in mind this is the same level allowed for German Nuclear Power plant workers.  You probably would not want to send your child to hang out in a nuclear power plant for a year either…

So once again please check my previous post for more info and a link to sign a petition against the governments decision.

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2nd Lecture at Hokudai today

Posted by Neil Hartmann on April 26, 2011

A 2nd lecture will be held at Hokudai tonight for English speakers concerned with the situation at Fukushima.

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Robots in Fukushima

Posted by Neil Hartmann on April 24, 2011

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100% 原発反対

Posted by Neil Hartmann on April 15, 2011

My wife found a great blog by a Japanese guy named Kazumoto Iguchi he has a ton of posts with relevant info concerning Fukushima Daiichi and the sad state we find ourselves in. Some of it is a little far out, but there is a lot of good stuff, I have picked a few good ones to post here.

First up another great Ustream recorded program. What would we do without Ustream? A great interview with a Professor from Kyoto University. He lays it on the line concerning Fukushima and worst case scenarios, plus talks a lot about why Nuclear power is not needed to supply energy to the masses.

The more I learn about this whole scam to more shocked I become. We have been so fooled for so long. I was born and raised completely in the Atomic age, this is all I have ever known. I just took it all for granted, I figured that the people in charge knew what they were doing and that they were making the right decisions for us. I could not have been more wrong. We have all been rudely awaken from this Nuclear dream now, please take a moment to watch some of these films and learn what we are dealing with.

We are so far up shit creek without a paddle it is not even funny.

Now here is our new theme song for 2011.

and last but not least here is an ultra classic from one of Japan’s greatest rock and roll stars. Kiyoshirou who died two years ago at the young age of 58. This footage is at least more than 20 years old. He sings “Love Me Tender” but changes all the lyrics and turns it into a powerful anti Nuclear Power song. It is truly brilliant and I think he was way ahead of his time with this one.

Repost, tweet, Facebook it get it out there!

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Somebody we should follow

Posted by Neil Hartmann on April 9, 2011

Found this guy making easy to understand reports about the data coming out of Fukushima. Worth bookmarking as he gives some direct assesment and talks about future possibilities that the Japanese news never dwells on.

This video is a week old, but there is some relevant info contained. He talks about how the industry never ever envisioned many of the problems facing Fukushima now. It is quite interesting to hear how cocky the Nuclear industry is when it comes to safety management. Cocky B@st@rds, got us all into a lot of trouble.

Interesting information about the discrepancies in information coming out of Fukushima and the variety of sources working on the ground there.

I talked to a surfer I know in the Tokyo area yesterday. He told me that he and a lot of surfers are starting to get back in the water to surf in the greater Tokyo area. He told me that the surf community is sticking together, as in people are not going to the smaller points to surf with less people. They are doing the opposite and going to places with more people to have that safety in numbers feeling. Interesting. Apparently there is a fear of more Tsunami’s hitting from one of the large after shocks that we have been getting here. Personally I think the risk from leaking radiation in the sea water should be a bigger worry for those surfing along the coast south of Fukushima. From what I hear there is so much garbage in the water along the Tohoku coast it is impossible to even get in the water no less surf.

Some info in this clip about the radiation being dumped in the sea, but also talk about the “hydogen explosion” in reactor number 2 and the containment breach they suspect there. Number 2 is the building that still looks pretty good compared to 1, 3, and 4. There is not much focus on that topic in the news here.

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