Cool shop in Sapporo

Went downtown today for the Christmas shopping like the rest of the population in Hokkaido! A lot of people out and about, but the roads have no snow on them so the driving is easy! Anyway stopped by a shop I had been meaning to visit for some time.

“Concept shop by Garage 69”
Loved the shop. A great selection of clothing, snowboards, surf boards, outdoor gear and interesting items. They were actually playing my movie Car Danchi 2 on the screen when I walked in so it was a really nice welcome! Check out this crazy snow/surf board by Gentem stick that was on display. This is a one of a kind item, not for sale but worth going in for a look. They also sell the whole Gentem line up of snowboards. Best surf style snowboards made anywhere!

There is also a cafe inside the shop so make sure you stop in and have a coffee next time you are downtown Sapporo, tell them I sent you.
While I was at the shop I also picked up the DVD “Crystal Voyager” by George Greenough. A classic surf film that I had been wanting to get ahold of for awhile. Here is a little bit about the film taken from a good web site you can see here.

A surfing biography about legendary design innovator and photographer George Greenough, shot largely in California. Greenough’s search for uncrowded waves drives his construction of a 37-foot ocean-going yacht that he claims is virtually unsinkable. With his surfing friends Richie West, a Californian, and Nat Young, Australia’s world champion surfer, Greenough takes to the cold Californian water, searching for undiscovered waves. The last 23 minutes of the film contains his legendary short film Echoes, composed entirely of extraordinary slow-motion footage shot inside the curl of the waves, the camera in a waterproof housing strapped to his back, with music by Pink Floyd.
Here is the package artwork so you can find it in a store.
All in all it was a good day of discovery in Sapporo. Hope you are all enjoying the Christmas weekend! Pray for a gift of snow on Christmas Eve as we need some fresh powder!


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