Teaser almost ready

I have been sitting at my computer for the last three days working solidly on the new teaser for Car Danchi 3. Here is what I have been looking at during that time.

That is it, that and two 20 inch monitors. The teaser is looking really good, a bit longer than in the past at over four minutes. You can take a look at my note book.

This is what I stare at all day when trying to get an idea. I make my little cryptic notes whenever I have a new idea for the movie. That little black book is super important.

So the question remains, when will the teaser be viewable? I am planning on a major world premier for the teaser on June the 1st or 2nd. Where? YouTube of course! Stay tuned for details.


New belt

Funny story. I had been using the same North Face belt for the last year or maybe more. This was just a belt that came with a pair of pant I bought, cheap vinyl belt with a plastic clip that locked anywhere along the belt. Well I took it on the trip to Tateyama a few weeks ago, but was not using it when we got there. Well Oguchi from North Face forgot his belt and asked me if I had an extra, lucky for him I did so I lent him the belt for the trip. On the last day he told me that the snap had broken and the belt was no good anymore. I told him that was my favorite belt and he promised to get me a new one. Two weeks later he showed up at my house with a nice new belt collaboration item from TNF and Livity. I think I got lucky when that old belt broke. Every thing happens for a reason!

Life as a movie

Just got this off Aya’s blog. I didn’t know that this story was going to become a movie, looks interesting. I was in Fukuoka the same time as this crew was there filming last year or was it the year before….. anyway I was hearing rumors that JP walker, Todd Richards, Tony Hawk, Robb Kalani, Benji Weatherly and many more big names were in town filming. I thought it was just for a TV show, but looks like they made a movie about it. It was also a story in Japan’s Snowstyle magazine. The preview looks good, some amazing surf footage, maybe a little short on good snowboarding footage, but its all about the trip and the people. Look forward to seeing a copy. Life as a movie. Follow the link to watch the preview

Script Magazine Sapporo

I made a post about a month ago when I did a photo shoot with Hiroshi here in Sapporo for a new fashion and lifestyle magazine here in Sapporo. The magazine called Script is now out and you can pick up free copies around Sapporo. Book stores and many of the clothing shops and cafes around the city have copies. I picked one up yesterday at one of the stores we went to when shooting the story. I can’t figure out how to pronounce the name of the shop so here is a picture. The address is South three West 2 there is a track bike shop on the second floor they have copies as well.

The magazine is even better than I expected it to be! Really really cool magazine for Sapporo. Lots of pages, very high quality fashion photography and the printing quality is really good. I hope they can keep this level of production up for future issues. The store manager where I picked up my copy told me that the mag is already being sold on yahoo auction for a 1000 yen! So I guess it is on the way to becoming a collectors item. It is only available in Sapporo so I guess that makes it rather rare.

Here is a look at the sections I am involved in. First the Hiroshi in Sapporo story. actually first the cover.

Now the story click the photos for larger images if you want to see a little more detail.

So there you have it a ten page story that we shot over the course of two days while eating good food and having good conversation. Now here is what gets me. A fashion shoot that takes two days while drinking lattes gets me ten pages all right! Now a snowboard shoot that takes a week while busting my ass hauling a 20 kilo backpack through a snow storm (no lattes) everyday gets me 6 pages. That means way less cash for more work from a nationally SOLD magazine that is said to sell 30 thousand copies a month. Compare that to a FREE fashion magazine only found in the city of Sapporo, I hear they printed about 15 thousand copies. What is wrong with the Japanese snowboard publishing industry….. Viva la snow photographers

Now get this. They also decided to include me in an advertisement in the magazine. This is an ad for a housing builder. The theme of the ad is 9 Innovators raised in Sapporo. I think I got really lucky to be included in this group of people. I blogged about this before as well you can read that post here.

I am the only white guy so I think you can find me pretty easy. You can check the Hokkaido Fashion web for me details and profile of all the Innovators. They are updating one person at a time, right now it is Daishi Dance and well known DJ from Sapporo.

Thanks again to Detz, Daisuke and everyone involved in the making of the mag! Good job!

honeyee.com update

Some more of my photos are featured on honeyee.com right now. This new story actaully went up on May 12th so some of you may already know about it. More photos from the trip to Nike Campus with Hiroshi. The main image there are using of Hiroshi walking in front of a big wood wall with Nike sign is actaully my favorite from the trip. Check it out when you get a minute to click the link to honeyee.com

North Coast day

Another one of those busy days. Started off early this morning with a call from Deshi telling me he was on his way over. We spent the morning shooting his interview for Car Danchi 3 in an empty lot near the house. Weather was good and the bugs were out in force again, did not get bit this time. Great interview with Deshi some really nice comments from him will be used in the movie for sure. Only one more guy left now to interview….. Hayato the skark man!

Next left for the city to meet up with the North Coast bad boyz. Hokkaido’s biggest hip hop rap crew. They have been on the up for a few years now, selling well around the country and forming their own record label. A good crew of guys who are really true to the island of Hokkaido. It is cool to see people from this island gain success and fame and not have to leave the island and go to Tokyo to do it! These guys are really trying to make it big without having to throw away the home ground. I went there to meet with them as I am wanting to use as much music produced in Hokkaido as possible for the upcoming Car Danchi 3. I figure a dvd filmed almost completely here in Hokkaido should have a lot of music from the island. Hopefully something will work out and I can maybe use one of their tracks for the movie.

First checked out the stores they have running right now. The full hip hop fashion mall in one place.

CDs and records



Then went up to the record label office for a meeting with the crew. Hokt, Dai-Hard, and Shu chilling in the reception

Once a year they hold a big hip hop concert and party night at a huge hotel called Jozankei View Hotel. The event is called G-Spa, perfect name. We talked a little about maybe doing something that would combine the hip hop world they have with the snow world. Like doing a joint event sometime next winter. Just ideas at this point but could be a really cool event if it worked out.

I picked up two of their latest releases to check out. This album that came out last fall, The Stories.

And the new concept album that came out in March. look forward to checking out both.

I dig the jacket designs on both. They have a really cool designer who does all their stuff named “Fence” huge Japanese guy who looks like Big E really has the design touch.