Sony @900 is on sale

The new Sony high-end SLR camera is on sale now, the Alpha 900, 24 mega pixels!  What exactly does that mean?  Nikon’s D700 which I bought recently only has 12mp.  Can’t wait to shoot some comparison pictures.  From what I have heard and read looks like the 900 is a solid camera and could be a real good option for someone who either already has access to Minolta Lenses, or is just getting into photography in a serious way.  You can read a full tech review here. Or you can go to Sony’s site and check out more photos….


Things to read

The new issue of Freerun magazine arrived.  

Car Danchi getting a little coverage in this new issue.  Very beginning of the mag has a page talking about “Eco-Driving” with a nice shot of the Car Danchi parking lot line up.

Then there is a small feature on some of the movie showings we have been doing, thanks to Key photo for the nice pictures and text.

Also got this book last night from my friend Sebastien.

Oh man that is going to be a good read, watch out folks when I finish I might have to change this to a science blog…..

Speaking of things to read.  I recently got the US version of Trans-World and found out it features the same cover photo as the present issue of Trans-World Japan.  I was shocked to see the difference in design style.  The US version is a true classic, something you could frame and put on your wall.  The design adds to the photo, which is what good design should do.  The Japanese version?  Compare and decide for yourself.

Never Stop Exploring

The North Face samples have been arriving, some great products for this season. For those of us living in Japan, we are very lucky when it comes to The North Face. Not only do we get all the great products they make in the US, but a whole bunch of original Japan only North Face gear. The products below are all from the US, but I will have an update soon of Japan designed stuff.

Great down slippers.  The perfect Car Danchi lifestyle item.  A must for the long drive in the car or just chilling in the log cabin.  The sole is pretty firm so you could even walk around outside a little bit on the snow.

Good gloves are so hard to find.  Last year I used a pair of Black Diamond mittens that I liked.  I really like five fingered gloves better though.  These have good padding on the back and look nice, the real test will come in a few weeks on a really cold day.

The Himalayan!  Amazing down mitten.  This one is a must have for those who want to ride all day and never get cold fingers!  The amount of down they stuffed in there is amazing, 800 fill, like the expensive sleeping bags.

A camera mans best friend.  The power stretch glove with free fingers.  I am going to combine that with the Himalayan above for the cold days standing around taking photos.

The 700 down fill boot with the Icepick sole!  When I saw this I freaked out.  The boot I have been waiting for, finally has arrived!  Warm, practical and it looks good!

Find products near you on the North Face web site.  Japan or International.

Its dumping!

Woke up a little late this morning, walked to the living room and was treated to a view of white mountains all around. The freezing level came down to our house sometime during the night as the cars were covered with a thin layer of snow!

Oh man just a few more weeks and Hokkaido will be open for riding! Check out the Nakayama web cam for live update on the snow.

Attention Seattle!

Car Danchi 3 has been invited to play at the legendary Seattle store Snowboard Connection!  I was hoping to make it to this showing myself, but unfortunately my schedule won’t allow me to leave Japan for a little while.  If you are in the Seattle area this coming Thursday please stop by and check out the movie on the screen at Snocon.

Here are the details of the event!


Date: October 30th, 2008
Location: Snowboard Connection Seattle South Lake Union Store (across from Big REI.)
Time: Door opens 7:30, Show starts 8:30
Entrance fee: free
 Free sushi and Japanese beer (Yay!) Give aways, free shwag!
Damn I can’t believe I am going to miss this showing.  This will be the first ever showing of Car Danchi outside of Japan.  
Check out the SnoCon web site for more info etc.,  
Big thanks to Kenji for making this happen, enjoy the Sushi and beer!

Volcom steps up!

New gear from the Stone arriving recently. Clothing for the fall and winter season. I always order these items at least six months in advance so I have forgotten what is coming when the box arrives. fun to open it up and spy the new threads. This time I picked some winners. Volcom stepped it up with some new material and artwork from my favorite snowboarder Bryan Iguchi. Check out the heavy duty sweatshirt. I don’t know what this cloth is called but it feels great. More like a jacket than a sweatshirt.

This sweatshirt is another Iguchi piece.  Same Mammoth design, reversible is claimed on the tag, but kind of looks inside out when you wear it that way.

Finished off my Iguchi collection with a nice beanie, he certainly likes the wolly mammoth.

Hokkaido is cold really cold, you must have a face mask to snowboard or rob a bank here.  I will stick with the snowboarding.

America still seems to be into the beanie with a small bill.  I was never really into that style except for days when you can ride with sunglasses.  It gets in the way with goggles and when it is snowing it piles up on there.  Decided to give it one more try this year.