Freerun Magazine feature

Thanks to Diego and Freerun magazine for a great feature on the Car Danchi crew in the new issue!  Just got the magazine yesterday and was excited to see the nice layout and photos.  Entitled “Pop Powder Session” the story covers everything we did during the making of the latest movie.  I love making the movies, but it is always nice to see good photos get printed on paper that you can cut out and tape on your walls.  This story has a couple of photos that would be worth clipping out.

Here is the cover to start off with.  These days all the magazines come with DVDs included, which means they are wrapped in plastic and you can’t stand there and read them at the book store.  This issue comes with two DVDs the FR TV regular and a special “Kissmark World Tour” DVD.  Don’t ask me to talk about that one…  The FR TV DVD has a feature of me talking about the movie and also showing how you can watch the secret bonus movies that are hidden on the DVD.


First spread has nice shot of Yama getting some rare sunshine powder and Deshi with a super night time heelside spray.  Key photo took most of the shots for the story.


More powder shots, and then one of my shots of Yatto with a big switch backside 180 method, and a nice shot of Ruiki Masuda by Hajime.


The last page features Hayato slashing a pillow somewhere in the backwoods of Hokkaido and a shot of me!  Yes, that’s right, I actually got a shot in the magazine, as in me riding!  Thanks to Key photo for snapping this nice sunset/flash shot.  It is pretty rare for me to get a riding shot in a magazine and I am pretty stoked about it, so I think I will put a big scan of the photo below.

There you go, my name printed on the photo as proof! Thanks Diego!


Car Danchi gets good ranking!

Just got this info!  Japan’s top three snowboard magazines have voted on the top three domestic video titles of this season.  The results are in and have just been made public.  Check it out below, Car Danchi 3 was ranked number 2 by all three publications!  Do we get the MVP award or what!  Thanks to all the editors who voted for the Danchi, appreciate the support.  I am actually amazed that Car Danchi was chosen seeing as how the movie has no affiliation with any magazine.  Then again maybe that was the key to being picked by all the magazines rather then just one…..




■第1位⇒『ゆきめぐり 〜ニッポン雪山紀行〜』(制作:Freerun DVD)


■第2位⇒『車団地 CAR DANCHI 3 A Powder Celebration』(制作:One Films)


■第3位⇒『FREERUN PARKMASTER  〜パークHowTo〜』(制作:Freerun DVD)




■第1位⇒『way to High』(制作:RED EYES’ FILM)


■第2位⇒『車団地 CAR DANCHI 3 A Powder Celebration』(制作:One Films)






■第1位⇒『icon 6  : (the colon) 』(制作:ebis films)


■第2位⇒『車団地 CAR DANCHI 3 A Powder Celebration』(制作:One Films)


■第3位⇒『way to High』(制作:RED EYES’ FILM)


TNF continued

Back in Sapporo now after two busy days in Tokyo.  The North Face event was amazing, must have been at least 1,000 people there.  So many different types from all different fields.  Athletes, scientists, professors, climbers, fashion designers, actors, you name it they all have something to do with the North Face.  Here is another sampling of photos I shot from that night.

Nature this morning

Damn it was cold this morning.  I am still keeping with my running program, so this morning when I walked out the door at 6:30 am to take my jog, it was like walking into a massive freezer.  -12 degrees, but felt even colder.  My lips felt like they were going to fall off after about two kilometers!  The weather was perfect today, not a cloud in the sky, so decided to shoot a few nature shots before working in the office.



One Film big stickers arrive

Thanks to the hard work of my distributer One Films now has some big stickers!  Due to the cost of making these kinds of stickers I have always stuck with the small yellow circle.  Next season you might see a few of these for sale in your local snowboard shop, but for now they are just being given to riders and a few friends.