Yatto goes nuts!

In a spectacular display of snowmobile bravery “Yatto” flew threw the air landing his sled in between two trees yesterday.  He escaped with only a bruised back after slamming into the handle bars and being thrown about 2 meters from the scene.  Lucky boy.  The machine has some damage to the right shock and suspension supports, but it looks rideable.

Yatto trying to explain his situation…


Everybody inspecting the damage




It was a good day in the back country apart from Yatto’s accident.  Found some new zones and shot some freestyle maneuvers. 


Spring snow donuts


Pine cone melting the snow trying to find ground.



Blueblood event coming up

The yearly Blueblood event is coming up next week in Nagano.  The last two years we held the event in Tomamu, but this season it has been moved to Tsugaike in the Hakuba area.  One of the team riders Ken Shibuya was born and raised right at the bottom of the resort, so he has been put in charge of the event!  Unfortunately he broke his femur about a month ago and is laying in bed.  The rest of the team will be heading south to help in the preparation for the event from next Tuesday.  

If you are in the Hakuba area on the 4th or 5th would love to see you there!  details by clicking on the image below. 


T-line adventure

Today went in search of fresh snow up on Nakayama pass.  It was not nearly as deep as Kiroro was yesterday.  Amazing how localized the snowfall can be this time of year.  Kiroro was over knee deep and only a 20 kilometers away (as the crow flys) it was ankle deep.  Anyway we made the best of it and had some fun.  the crew settled on sessioning a big pillow type feature.  The landing was pretty hard, but those guys were going for it anyway.  After lunch time it started snowing, big lazy flakes floating down from the sky.  What a great sight this time of year!  It has been snowing all afternoon and evening, tomorrow is going to be a great day at Kokusai or Kiroro again!  Get out there  if you can!

Yatto, Oku-chan and Ue at the top of T-line.


There are some cool looking trees out there in the back country


Fungus growing on a tree. 


Screen grab of Yatto cruising 




Check out the snow!  It was really dumping up there.


Kiroro perfect powder day

I went to heaven today. The sun rise was amazing today at 5:50 am and I knew it was going to be an amazing day. We decided to go to Kiroro to sample some new areas. The snow was deep and the sky blue! One of the best spring powder days I have ever had. We hiked a peak right from the bottom of the ski area. The top elevation was 1007 meter and the snow was good even at 2:30 pm when I finally took my run to the bottom. I will remember that run for a long time. It has been a rough season, with rain and strong winds etc., but the last few weeks have brought some pretty amazing days to wrap things up!

The city of Asari with ocean in the background


The area where we climbed


Ue lead the way with a steep hike line.  I was sweating like a pig!

Ue and Mino stoked to be out on such a great day.

Feeling good on top of the mountain.

The snow covered trees were beautiful on the top of the peak we climbed.

It is going to snow again tomorrow!!!  It just keeps getting better!

Rishiri in Higashikawa

Big thanks to Toshi in Higashikawa for taking us out to dinner!  If you need a great place to stay in the Asahidake/Higashikawa area check out his Pension Totori.  Built completely by hand it is beautiful, two story with a loft space and huge baths.  His love of carpentry and wood work is apparent in all the little details.


If you need a good dinner with nice atmosphere go to Rishiri right behind the Michi No Eki parking lot. 


They get fresh fish from both coast of the island everyday so the quality is really good and something is always in season.

Rice “Asahidake style”


Tsukasa and Taro-san digging in.


Acrobatic fish.




Toshi-san in the center and old friend Tsukasa.


Inside the Totori Pension.


1000mm Nikon lens F11  Never have seen one of those before.


Very nice low table made from a single tree.



Entrance area


Soon to be finish bath area.  The boys testing it out with no water.


On the way home stopped at Mc Donalds for a coffee and fries.  When  I came out there were two Yankee bikes were parked next to my car.  Love the pink!


Asahidake Powder

Knee deep at Asahidake on Saturday! Was happy to see a lot of friends and powder lovers out there getting some face shots as we near the end of the season. it was cold at minus 15 on the mountain. Takamasa, Yamauchi and Takeda were there to throw up some blower powder turns.

Car Danchi morning in Higashikawa.  Minus 5 in the morning.


Minus 15 on the mountain, felt great to feel cold temperatures again.

Lots of pointed noses at Asahidake.

Yamauchi with his Gemten snowboard.

Takeda showing off one of his classic original Sims.  He was on of the original Sims Japan riders back in the day.

More pointed noses.

Par waiting for the door to open and get to that last powder run at 5pm.

Typical Hokkaido Spring even light.