Super Saturday to Magic Monday

What a weekend!  Trip with HF to Sapporo, David Mancuso DJ’ing at Filmore North, Snowing all day Sunday and 40 cm of powder at Sapporo Kokusai on Monday!  That’s right 40cm of powder on April the 27th!!  Amazing.

Lobby oof the Cross Hotel in Sapporo, portrait with HF.


At Club Mole in Sapporo in the VIP.  The party there was a bit “young” so we split and went to David Mancuso at Filemore.


David in the booth.



David with his flash light.  For those who don’t know David, he is one of the first DJ’s, he does all his DJ’ing without the use of headphones.  Everything is done by touch and feeling.  Amazing to watch him work.


Respect to David, thanks for a great night!


Back to the Hotel Sunday morning at 6am, very excited to see that it is snowing in downtown Sapporo.


The road to Kokusai Monday morning, freaking out!


Ue gets powder turns at the end of April at our local resort, didn’t even have to make the drive to Asahidake!


I even broke out the Gemten speedmaster!


Great day.


Crazy Trip

Just got back to Sapporo after a crazy 24 trip.  Not many people would do what I just finished.  Yesterday left my house at 8am and drove to the Chitose airport.  Took the 10:30am flight to Tokyo, monorail to Hamamatsucho and JR to Ueno.  There I met Ken from Script magazine and after that Detz-san and Hiroshi arrived.  After a two hour walk around Ueno checking out the shops and having lunch we boarded the Cassiopea train bound for Sapporo.  This train leaves Ueno everyday at 4:20pm and arrived in Sapporo at 9:30am the next day.  It is a sleeper car with dinning room and lounge.  I had always wanted to take the train from Tokyo to Sapporo so I was excited to have this chance to document the trip with HF for Sapporo’s Script Magazine.  The ride was pretty cool, a nice French dinner in the Dining car.  They only ordered one so I got to shoot photos of the food and eat.  There were a lot of stops but they are 2 minutes at the longest so not much time to jump off and shoot photos.  Got out twice once at Morioka and then in the morning when the train stopped at Hakodate after passing through the under sea Seikan tunnel.  So now we are in Sapporo checked in at the Cross Hotel downtown.  Time for a nap, everytime I move I feel like I am still on the train rocking and rolling.



HF in the suite room.  This was the very last car on the train.  180 degree view out the back.




Lake Onuma area near Hakodate



Morning in the suite.


Or trip to Sapporo continues today.

Welcome to the family

Please help me welcome a new member to the Hartmann family! The bad-ass Nissan tire shovel 40W. Just purchased by yours truly, I am hoping this will be a big help next winter when I need to clear the snow off the front yard. Need to put in some hours driving practice over the summer. Would hate to smash into my own house trying to clear the snow….

Great Jacket

Took this photo over a month ago, have been waiting for the right time to put it on the blog.  Was confined to my bed from yesterday evening with a mystery virus.  Purged my body from both ends, will save you all from the details, but it was rather nasty.  Anyway I didn’t do anything today so this is a perfect chance to share with you this fantastic photo.  While shooting a street job with some members of the Blueblood team this guy walked by and I read the back of his Jacket.  Had to snap off a quick picture of this true classic.


More Kyoto pics

A few more scenes from my days in Kyoto.

Panorama of the Kawaramachi river side.  The yearly building of the terraces above the river was in progress while I was there.  All the shops put terraces out over the sub river that runs next to the main river.  During the hot summers you can eat and drive on the terrace and hopefully feel a little cooler by being over the water.  Clever.



Check out the classic dude on the scooter.



Classic cigarette machine.



Another panorama of the river side.



Got back to Sapporo just in time for the yearly G-Spa event! Sapporo’s biggest hip-hop concert event is held at the Jozankei View hotel in April. An all night non-stop live performance from Hokkaido’s hip-hop artists as well as guests from around Japan. The funny thing is, since it is held in a hotel in the middle of a hot springs resort a third of the people were in the traditional “yukata” dress! The rest were decked out on hip hop style clothing and new era caps, quite an interesting mix. I got there just in time to see Dai-Hard’s live show. He rocked the crowd.

These pictures were taken with my Nikon D700 and then coverted to B&W with an effect editor called “Silver Effects”. Instant B&W effects within Aperture. This is the “Holga” effect.  Click the photo for a large version to see the grain.