Shortcut tips

Some good keyboard short cut advice in this tutorial. Also like the thick accent of the guy talking.

Here is a practical tip about matching hues, very handy. Unless you manual white balance constantly you end with with clips that vary in hue, this makes it easy to match each cut so they look the same.

Sin city effect


Goodbye MJ

A heavy day today with the news of the “Moonwalker’s” passing. Not that I was a huge Michael Jackson fan, but my generation certainly could not avoid being affected in some way by the King of Pop! In high school I had my pair of red pants with all the zippers and I practiced the moonwalk front and back. It was not until I came to Japan and started DJ’ing with vinyl in the bars and clubs here that I discovered the best work of Michael was before my high school days, at the end of the “funky 70’s”. The album “Off the Wall” is still one of my all time favorites! Check out Wikipedia for more info.
Picture 7

Anyway respect to Michael and all he did, there may have been some strange times over the last ten years or so, but I would always like to remember MJ from 1979 with the nice nose and big Afro! Check out a classic below!

Click to watch
Picture 8

Mouse clicking

Work on the new Car Danchi  4 movie has started to enter a more serious stage.  After a few set backs, including the discovery that I had imported all the footage to an incorrect format requiring that I throw everything away and start over again…  I am now back on track and cataloging all my footage.  I have yet to put a single clip in order yet, it is more like mental editing at this point as I spend my days watching each cut and deciding whether it has a chance to make it into the movie or not.  It is fascinating and boringly time consuming at the same time.  To unwind from all that mouse clicking, I came home and went straight to my computer to type emails and then check some blogs to see what my peeps are doing?  Such is life in the digital revolution ehh?  After a few more mouse clicks I found myself at some blog by a girl named Allison from Seattle, who now lives in Japan and takes photos with a real (film) camera, some of which are quite nice.  That led me to another blog that she contributes to called “pblks” and from there I discovered the link to documentary filmmaker Adam Curtis.  I ended up watching part one of the film series called “The Trap.”  Fascinating stuff, if you have a free hour, and feel like clicking your mouse on the play button below, I recommend you check out this film.  Food for thought.

I don’t know why I can’t seem to embed this video from Google video… Just click on it for the the link to Google and you can watch it there.

Picture 6

Catching up

Left the house early Sunday morning and made the drive to Asahidake for the Earth Day event happening there.  Was a great event, for only 500 yen, there was a great lunch and dinner included, plus fun activities like make your own bird call and fire wood chopping experience.  A master of wood splitting was there to help out those who wanted to try.  Here Shinya works on his tech.

earth-day  279earth-day  280

Another fun activity is making “Stick bread.”  Bread dough is wrapped around a stick and held over the camp fire until cooked golden brown.

earth-day  282

Mr. Harada showed up for the event.

earth-day  281

Night time was beautiful, the stars came out in full force and the bonfire was nice and warm.


Monday morning woke up at 4am and made it down to Chubetsu Lake by 4:30.  The water was glassy and smooth, and of course I had brought along my Kayak!

earth-day  283

Asahidake in the far distance.

earth-day  284



I had a great morning solo session, then drove straight back to Sapporo. It was a  nice way to start the work week!

Script out today

New issue of Sapporo’s premier free magazine “Script” is released today.   I have a long photo story featured in this issue.  Starring Hiroshi Fujiwara it is the story of the train trip from Tokyo to Sapporo on the famous Cassiopeia train.  All the photo’s are in B&W and I am stoked with the way it came out.  Will post some photo’s of the story a little later, for now here is the cover.  Check it out.
Picture 4

Earthday in Asahidake

I am planning to take a day off from the editing and head to Asahidake camp ground for the Earthday event they have planned there.
Picture 2
Check out details here. Yoga lesson, Dutch oven cooking, Slideshow and more are planned.  Probably will still be pretty cold up on the mountain but want to kick off the camp season a.s.a.p.  If you are in the Asahikawa area might be a good event to check out.  Shinya Nakagawa (Car Danchi crew member) is the camp ground manager at Asahidake this year so I am looking forward to seeing him and checking out his new job.
Picture 1