Fremaga out

The new issue of Fremaga arrived at the house today.  The “LOVE” issue!  Big thanks to Okamai one of the creators of Japans coolest free magazines.  She hooked me up with a full spread to do what ever I wanted with.  I decided to use a photo that I took at Tateyama about two years ago.  I thought the picture fit the Love theme perfectly, check it out below.

Fremaga 3

Here is the photo I shot at Tateyama, the heart shape is formed by the road up the mountain from the Toyama side.  Of course you have the stand in the right place to see the heart shape…

Fremaga 2

Volcom ad!

Fremaga 1

The magazine is very cool, the heart shape looks great and it is free.  If you have trouble finding a copy, check out the web site for more info on where to get a copy.

Also check out the special Fremaga shop that is being held in Parco Tokyo from the 11th to the 27th of September.  Billed as a Fremaga culture fair, you will be able to buy Car Danchi part 4 there as well as a selection of other Fremaga network related goods!

Picture 5


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