Working our butts off

The construction work has been continuing at a fever pitch, our deadline is approaching fast and we are starting to feel the pressure.  The  deconstruction work that I mentioned in an earlier post, has now shifted to actual building work.  Putting up walls, painting the ceiling, laying the electric cable, etc.  The last three days I have been in charge of putting up the walls.  We are using OSB board for the walls.  It is pretty easy since the framing is left over from the prior store.  We just tore off the sheet wall that was on there.  Yesterday, I did have to make one section of framing to cover a chimney that I decided would look better covered up.  I am learning the carpentry skills as I go along.

I find the work to be quite similar to video editing in many ways.  Starting with large pieces (wood/video) cutting to just the right size and putting together to form a whole.  Then going over and over again with layers (paint/effects) to create a sense of continuity.  I find the carpentry work to be a little easier than the video editing.  The fact that it is a group of people working together is a lot of fun, as the editing tends to be very intensive solo work.  Also, the physical movement is beneficial,whereas the editing is mostly sitting in a chair for two months, but all in all they are very similar.

Check out our progress.  Again the Gallery will be open from the 18th until the 23rd of this month, so if you pass through the Jozankei area please stop by and take a look.  We are located right across the street from the hotel “Furukawa”

Mino setting off some sparks as we cut out an old door frame.


Harada doing the same, cutting off nails in the toilet.


This is me using the concrete hammer to cut out a wall in the toilet.  That machine is the heaviest, hardest things I have had to do during this project.


Another member in our volunteer army, Tomoki-san, doing a little welding for us.


The first layer of paint going on.


Taking the edging off the bar.



A short walk from the location is this foot bath.  The guys are taking advantage during the lunch hour.




Walls starting to go up.  One of our volunteer helpers Sasaki-san shows me how to add framing where needed and how to cut and hang the boarding.


After this piece he is hanging, he left and since then I have been on my own.


The old mirror is starting to look good with the new boarding as a frame.


Yamada-san from the Sapporo Art College and students stop by to show us plans for the art pieces they are creating.


Taking a break.  The weather has been getting cooler each day, fall is here!  The colors have been hinting at making a change, I think another week or two and the autumn views will be at full power.


That’s it for now, will let you know when the work is done!


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