Art Festival open for visitors

After working nearly everyday for a month solid, we were able to complete the renovation of the old “Snack Lora” now officially renamed “Onsen Village Gallery” on the 17th. The local festival began with the holidays on the 19th so we were just in time. The last few days were tough as we put in some over time to finish the construction. The stairway and counter top were our last projects that we wanted to finish in time for the art showing. Everything came together and the place looks pretty good right now.

We are planning to continue the renovation again from the end of this month and hopefully by the end of October we will be able to open for business as a Cafe/Bar. There is still a lot to do, kitchen, ceiling, bar, funiture, menu, sign, lighting etc., but it should be fun work from here on out.

If you are in the Sapporo area please stop by and check out the Kappa Week festival and the art exhibitions going on. I will be in the venue for a few hours on the 22nd Tuesday for a reception party hope to see you there.

I stopped by today to shoot a couple of pictures and check out the art work on display.

I was actually expecting more art work to be displayed, it was a little disappointing to see only a few pottery pieces and one carved wood piece, both by local artists.

The largest piece is the drift wood sculpture made by one of the students at Sapporo’s art college.

There is a poster size piece that shows the transformation from the old Snack to the new Gallery.

The counter, we raised the height and added a new top and front.  You can’t see it in the picture but we recycled some strobe light from the original shop and built them into the counter behind the wood with teh holes.  At night if you put on the lights the whole counter starts flashing!

Local pottery on display.  Would have been good to have more pieces on display…

The evening of the 22nd will see a special “lighting” of the Toyohira river that runs through the village, good chance to take a few pictures.  The the reception at the Gallery from 6pm.   The Gallery is located directly across the street from the hotel “Furukawa”.


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