Script Magazine is out

My official debut into fashion photography is now in print.  There are 30,000 free copies of Sapporo’s Script magazine being given away this Autumn, try to grab a copy!
Picture 2

They used one of the photos from my shoot for the cover!  Always very happy to see one of my photos on the cover of a magazine, no better place to be!

cover 2

The index page also features one of my shots cropped and turned to B&W.  Nice design!

Magazine 2

Here is the cover shot as a two page spread.  This was shot very near my house where I go kayaking and the local canoe tours depart from this place. There is a rocky peninsula that was made to slow the water flow at that point in the river.  I had the models walk out and pose there, while I was shooting down from a bridge over the water. In Aperture, I darkened the blacks so the water and background wouldn’t stand out so much.

Magazine 3

The shot on the left is posed in front of a water fall, also near my house.  The model is standing on top of a ladder and I am using two flashes.  One to the left in front and one hard light behind and to the left.  I under exposed this one as well to make her stand out more.

The shot on the right is in the Onsen village at a place called Yu no taki.  There is Hot Spring water running over fake rocks and at night the steam rises up making for a moody setting.  Seems to work well with the rocker look.  I had one of the models hold a flash directly behind her to light up the hair and steam.  I have another flash hidden near her feet covered with white cloth to soften the light.

Magazine 4

This was a simple sunset shot taken right behind my office.  Great natural light with a soft-box on the flash off to the left.  A highlight on the chin coming from a hard light behind and also to the left.  Shot a bunch of this setting trying to get the earrings in just the right position.

The four shots on the right below were taken last at a park near my house.  One flash off to the right, we took about 50 shots to get these four.

Magazine 7

This was shot at a rock factory about 20 minutes from my office.  Nice pile of rocks, simple flash from directly overhead.  Her shirt looks overexposed, but it is actually not like that when you see the magazine.  I think I added a vignette to this photo to accentuate the two of them and the light.

Magazine 6

Totally desaturated this next picture.  When we did the shoot the trees were still super green and during the editing Ken asked me to try and take the green out.  It is a fall fashion special, after all.

Magazine 9


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