Getting good at this

Over two months deep into this construction project we are starting to get good at this. I even bought a carpenters belt for all my tools!

The cafe is starting to look like a … cafe! Should be wrapping up major interior work by the end of next week.

Here we are starting to attach the notched siding to the ceiling frame we built.

Getting there.

Working underneath required some contortion on my part.

Here is the ceiling of the toilet, I did that section on my own, rather proud of it actually!  So if you stop by for a coffee please enjoy a few minute in the W.C.

Counter siding complete.

And stained with a nice walnut color.  Turns out I am the best “stainer” of the crew.  The secret is to drain the paint brush well and then really work the stain into the wood.  It dries very quickly so make sure it is even as quick as possible.  Do one board at a time and keep a rythm so that the coloring stays even.  Never ever make brush strokes against the grain!  Play some good music on the stereo so you don’t get bored.



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