Tomorrow is event day

come join the Car Danchi crew at Niseko Village in the Hilton hotel for a special joint showing with “signatures” Saturday night.  Door open at 6 movies start at 7!

Or if you are Hakodate come watch the movie at the Dekoboko bar! Thanks to the crew down there for offering to put on the show, sorry I won’t be able to make it personally, but I did send down a package with some give away items. So if you are the area check it out!

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Pertex in Tokyo

Just back from a  special collaboration event between the material maker Pertex and The North Face.  High tech materials on display along with the North Face products, invitation only.  Also nice music from DJ Nori!



On Cafe continued…

More construction reporting!

the counter is now pretty much completed, we made the frames and used “chalkboard” paint so we can write the daily menu.

The main floor area with some furniture, and the classic Dart board from Volcom on the wall.

I have been making most of the furniture the last few weeks.  Here is a simle round table built on top of an old basic table that I was given.  All the tables have been made that way, saves time not having to make the legs.  Basic 2X8 boards cut round with a jigsaw and stained with mahogany color.

Flooring finally finished.

Another table by yours truly.  Recycled the legs from a simple glass coffee table and use the boards from a work bench and table that we had been using during the construction.  Nothing is going un-used in our work.  We are certainly on the forefront of “Eco-construction” techniques!

Another “eco” product, a free fridge.  Got lucky with this one.  Found it sitting next to a store I know in town and talked the owner into giving it to us!  A professional cold table style fridge.  Harada working hard to get it clean.

The entrance area looking good.

First Ride

Big thanks to Kei photo for the super  shots!

Absolutely loving it! First good toe side turn of the season.

Hayato lays into a heel side

The host of the TV show Matsui.

Check out this shot.  The gondola running just for the 8 of us.  Wide open course, all powder, first day of the season, snowing hard!  It does not get much better!

Takamasa hands behind his head, sleepy heel side.

My favorite shot, me coming out of a turn already setting up for the next slash with the spray from the last turn still in the air.  Thanks Kei you made my season!  It is not often that I get to ride without a backpack and to get a nice photo taken is a real pleasure.

One Films Heli Tour!

Check it out, Tomamu has set up a special one time only “One Films/Neil Hartmann” Heli tour on March 13th and 14th of 2010!  If you want to ride powder and or shoot some photos with me, then this is the tour to join!

I will be helping to lead the Heli tour and with 5 years experience riding and shooting with the Tomamu cat and heli operation I can say that I know how to have fun there.  This is going to be a great weekend, so if you have the cash and the free time please come and join me.  There are only 7 seat available for this tour and the price is a good value.

Check the Tomamu official website for more information.

Now here are the details in Japanese.

☆協力:One Films☆

2010年3月12日(金)、3月13日(土)、3月14日(日) 2泊3日

トマム着 ザ・タワー チェックイン 終日フリー

07:00 各自レストランにて朝食
08:30 「ザ・タワー」ロビー集合、ヘリポートへ移動
08:45 ヘリポートにてブリーフィング
09:00 フライト開始、ライディング(3runs)
12:00 ランチ(現地エリアにて)
13:00 ライディング(1runs)
16:00 ヘリポート帰着
16:30 各ホテルへ送迎
17:00 アフターセッション(ザ・タワー内「アザリア」予定)
18:00 アフターセッション終了
19:00 ウェルカムパーティ(食事会)
21:00 解散

07:00 各自レストランにて朝食
09:00 トマム リゾートセンター集合
09:30 ゲレンデ、解放エリアにてライディング!撮影あり☆
12:00 ランチ(昼食代はツアー料金に含まれませんので各自ご用意ください)
13:00 終了


08:30 「ザ・タワー」ロビー集合、ヘリポートへ移動
08:45 ヘリポートにてブリーフィング
09:00 フライト開始、ライディング(2runs)
12:00 終了

3)年齢20 歳以上。

お一人様 103,150円






Now here is a little visual stimulation!

On Cafe Update

I have been too busy to post much on the blog lately, so these photos are a few weeks old.  Wanted to continue to show the progression of the On Cafe construction though, so I thought I should make an update.

Flooring made from 2×10’s and 2×8’s.  All were recycled from a housing construction company.  Wood that they deem no good for a new house, but perfectly fine for our project!

First coat of stain put on the flooring.

Disco light brightens up the toilet.

Takamasa starting to work on cutting out lettering.

Harada the painting master putting the finishing touches on the stairway.

My first experience laying P-tile in the kitchen. Was able to finish in one day.

We are now aiming for a mid December opening of the cafe.  Will keep you all informed here on the blog.  Should have our first monthly schedule made sometime next week!

First day of riding!

Yesterday was my first day of riding this season! I got an invitation from the local snowboard TV show “No Matter Board” to be a guest on one of the upcoming programs. They somehow got permission to film the day before official opening day at our local mountain Kokusai! It was by far the best opening day I have ever had in my life!

It had been dumping snow for the past five days and I knew it would be deep up on the mountain. Not only was it deep, but we had the entire mountain to ourselves! The gondola was running just for the 8 of us! Four riders and 4 camera/video crew. It felt crazy to be standing in the middle of the course with powder everywhere feeling no pressure to rush. We took our time stopping to set up some shots, knowing that no one would come blasting through. What an amazing experience! Big thanks to Matsui for inviting us on the show.

If you are in Hokkaido, you can see the show when it airs on December the 4th on HTB sometime after 1:00AM (technically that would make it the 5th).

Since I was asked to join the show as a guest and rider, I didn’t take my camera with me, so I don’t have a single shot from the mountain!  Sorry, but I was just too excited to be back on a board in the mountains to carry my camera.  I am hoping that Kei Photo will send me some shots to share with you soon.

The road up to Kokusai.

Trees caked in snow!  I Love it!