On Cafe continued…

More construction reporting!

the counter is now pretty much completed, we made the frames and used “chalkboard” paint so we can write the daily menu.

The main floor area with some furniture, and the classic Dart board from Volcom on the wall.

I have been making most of the furniture the last few weeks.  Here is a simle round table built on top of an old basic table that I was given.  All the tables have been made that way, saves time not having to make the legs.  Basic 2X8 boards cut round with a jigsaw and stained with mahogany color.

Flooring finally finished.

Another table by yours truly.  Recycled the legs from a simple glass coffee table and use the boards from a work bench and table that we had been using during the construction.  Nothing is going un-used in our work.  We are certainly on the forefront of “Eco-construction” techniques!

Another “eco” product, a free fridge.  Got lucky with this one.  Found it sitting next to a store I know in town and talked the owner into giving it to us!  A professional cold table style fridge.  Harada working hard to get it clean.

The entrance area looking good.


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