Niseko rocks!

Car Danchi and “Signatures” showing in Niseko went down on Saturday night at the Hilton!  Fantastic crowd of over 200 showed up for the event and the reaction was great!  At least half of the crowd was non-Japanese, and there was a great mix of long time locals and seasonal staff.

Big thanks to all the staff involved at Hilton and the Niseko promotion board for making things happen!  The extra shuttle buses back to Hirafu made a big difference in getting people to stay for the after party!

Somebody getting some air off of the pure action set up in the main hall.  The jump was set up for the first hour before the showing, it was great to see everybody going for it throwing back flips etc.,

Here you can see how big the room is, massive space.

The screen the seats and lots of people

The Car Danchi crew on stage saying hi.

My first time DJing in a long time.  Thanks to “Apres Bar” for the last minute loan of the turntables.  Was fun to play some records for the crowd.

Bar Ezo at the Hilton, great location overlooking the bottom chair lift.  Saturday was opening day for the bar as well.

Big thanks to Kei for these great photos!  Well that is the end of our promotion tour for Car Danchi 4!  It is now time to start the whole process over again.  Got to get out the camera and snowboard gear and start getting ready to make number 5, the final installment in the Car Danchi series.  Hope to see you at a showing next year!


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