UK Snow Film Fest

Big thanks to Ben the crew who put on the UK Snow Film Fest recently.  They were kind enough to include Car Danchi 4 in the line up along with major movies like “Black Winter” by Standard Films.  Apparently Car Danchi 4 was well received by the crowd, check out what Ben has to say about the event.

“The UK SNOW FILM FEST took place last week, and the 2 nights were a huge success with a turn out of over 250 people on the night of Car Danchi and I have to say it went down a HUGE SUCCESS!! Car Danchi 4 RENT stole the show from Standard films and Alterna!  After the film finished we had a rush of people asking where they can buy a copy, and the hand outs you gave me were gone within 5 minutes. I think Brighton was the Ideal crowd for Car Danchi’s first EU screening, as its known as a bit of an arty city, and I think the audience really appreciated the artistic vibe of the movie.”

Check out some pictures from the evening.  Next year I hope I can make it over to check out this event and the Brighton crowd!


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