My back is sore

The constant construction work is taking it’s tole on my back. Rather sore in the mornings this last week as we make the big push to finish work on the cafe. Yesterday was clean up day, spent the afternoon trying to clean all the dust that has built up on everything over the last few months. Scrubed the floors, waxed, polished the counter, wiped every photo frame and piece of furniture etc.,

The only thing left to finish now is the water piping and the gas for the kitchen and water heater. That all should be happening within the next few days!

Here are a few photos from the last few weeks.

Making the door for the main entrance. How many people do you know who actually make their own doors? I personally don’t know anybody else. It is probably not the strongest door around, but it fits and it keeps the cold out so that is good enough. It didn’t cost a thing either.

Starting to build a large shelving system with two very old beams that I rescued from an old house that has fallen down.

The finished shelf unit

Harada (Max) drilling the holes for the fan above the kitchen.

Another hand made table.

Used a Walnut stain for the first coat, then cherry color stain and then a mix of the two for the final two coats. In total at least seven coats of stain on the counter, plus varnish. Lot of love in that counter.

Cleaning the floor in preperation for the floor waxing.


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