Biggest storm ever

2010 has brought the single largest snowfall I have ever experienced since moving to Jozankei. At least a meter of snow accumulated with the first 24 hours of 2010! It was amazing to watch the snow pile up faster than I could shovel it away! I spent the entire day on the first digging out our windows around the house along with digging out the snow mobiles. Yesterday spent the morning on my front end loader moving snow around. Then again today all morning trying to clear more snow from the windows.

This was taken on the 31st, there is already a good bit of snow, but you can still see my snowmobile?

The next morning everthing buried.  By the end of the day it had snowed at least this much again.  I spent the entire day outside digging out the sled, then all the windows around the house.

This is a single days snow fall on top of my oil tank.

snow creaping up the windows.

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