On Cafe goes on line!

On Cafe is now Jozankei’s official internet cafe!

NTT showed up today and installed the Hikari fiber line.  It then took me over four hours and two phone calls to the support center to finally get the damn internet connected and working!  How many hours of my life have been wasted trying to get an internet connection working…..  I am sure many people can relate.  Not being able to read Japanese only makes it worse.

Anyway we are now on line so I think I will be able to get back into my rythm of making regular blog updates.  If you need interest free internet access in Jozankei then please stop by, have a coffee and surf the web, do your email whatever you want to do.

We are located across the street from Furukawa hotel on the second floor.

Here is what the cafe looks like right now.

view from the counter. Darts, games, books, Family com, Super Family computer etc., All waiting for you.

Oh yeah Carlsberg is on tap, Guiness surger cans, Corona, and for the drivers out there, Kirin Free.

The pint glass pictured below is 800yen.  Happy hour 5pm to 8pm all beer one hundred yen off!  700yen pint is a deal!

For more info and reservations please call 011-211-4705


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