Warming up the bench

Here is the reason I have not been blogging that much lately.

Check out my lovely fracture to my knee cap that I sustained in a stupid accident on January 8th.

Here is another shot for you.  The crack actually got worse at the end of January, due to slipping and falling on the snow outside my house.  Damn.  So I have been sitting on the sidelines as one of the coldest and best winters in a long time is hitting Hokkaido.  Oh well I guess it was time for me to take a break and do some studio work.

Will have to make the official announcement that this means no Car Danchi 5 will be coming out this season.  You will have to wait another year for that.  In the mean time I am planning to do a reissue of my original videos that I released about 10 years ago.   I have two titles that I sold only on VHS called “Introduction” and “Escape”  Will be fun to revisit those titles and work on making a special edition DVD.  I am planning to include lots of Bonus footage and remaster the original soundtracks etc.,  maybe ad some directors commentary, should be fun.

In the mean time will try to get back into the blogging to keep everybody up to date a little more, although the content might be more about my rehabilitation trip than snowboarding topics!


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