Rip in Niseko

I met RIP Zinger the other day in Niseko.  This guy has to be one of my favorite photographers.  I love his attitude about photography and his amazing way of becoming friends with anyone, that seems to get him into situations where he is able to get really intimate photos.  I got to check out his book release last year by Stussy called “Rip Zinger West Americanized Tour”  Great stuff, really loved his photos layout and the essence of the west coast that he captures so well.  Really made me want to get back to my home state, Californication!

Kage another classic photog who spends his winters in Niseko was also there that day.  You can see RIP’s tool of choice hanging from his neck in the background.  He mostly uses a small and simple GR both digital and film.  He shot the whole book with film!


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