Casio G1 continued

Casio G1 has found a home in my pocket.  Great little camera.

Pigeon meeting.

Shadow play.

Winter has returned to Hokkaido.  Incredible late season conditions!  20 cm in my front yard last night, must be really deep up on the mountains.

Never doubt Hokkaido.  February was a crappy month for snow lovers, but March has really turned things around!


Snaps from the Casio G

Loved this poster.

I think I need some brain training.

Good fish in Fukuoka

On Cafe sign goes up!

Some great Engrish.


Walking snap of some cones.

Downtown Sapporo.

Deal of the decade.  My long time acquaintance Kamori-san stopped by the cafe and mentioned that he wanted to sell his entire DJ Booth set up.  Table, speakers, mixer, turntables, headphones the whole 9 yards!  The price was unbeatable so I jumped at it and now On Cafe has a DJ booth!  It will be put to use this coming Sunday when DJ Sebastien stops by to play at our first Yukatta de Soul party.

Fukuoka direct

Flew to Fukuoka direct flight from Sapporo today. Just arrived a few minutes ago. Will be shooting photos of a North Face store renewal open later tonight. for now here are a couple of travel shots.

Hokkaido still covered in winter.

The small air hole in the window of the airplane.


Nice and warm