Shaun preview

As I mentioned in an earlier post I was part of an interview with Gold medalist Shaun White last Sunday in Tokyo.  Gardener from Outdoor Japan took care of the interview and I shot the photo’s.  Look for the interview in the next issue of OJ.

This was the very last interview that Shaun did on his world victory tour.  After Oprah, Italian fashion shows, major TV show in Japan, Mr. White wrapped his tour with an interview for OJ and a few casual photos with Neil, damn!  Hope we made it worth it.

I have to say there was something amazing about sitting in the same room with a gold medalist.  There was a nearly visible aura coming off of Shaun.  Here is someone who has spent the last few years building up to a moment where he attained success and glory in front of millions of people.  I could literally feel the energy coming off of him as we talked in a small meeting room in the hotel in Tokyo.  Thanks Shaun.

As always the photo shoot itself was rather rushed.  We went to Shaun’s suite room on the top floor of the hotel.  The room was nothing special so I decided to just shoot against the window.  Blew out the exposure on the window so it would look like a studio.  I hauled my flash set up to Osaka and then Tokyo just for this shoot.  I brought along a yellow Gold fliter for the flash behind Shaun.  I wanted to get more of an effect with the gold light exploding behind him, but time and circumstances didn’t alow me to get that deep with Shaun.

Here is a little sample with Shaun holding the Jake Burton issue.


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