Full Moon opening

I had forgotten about the full moon until @DaisukeOguchi mentioned it last night during the opening of the new North Face store.  The last two weeks have been a whirl wind of activity and work and it all seemed to come to a head last night at the opening.  The turn out was great, lots of people there to check out the new store and I was super busy trying to capture photos and video of the store and the reception.  I don’t know if the company staff actually planned to have the opening on the full moon or not but it worked out perfectly.  There was certainly a lot of powerful vibration in the air.

The mini concert session with Kuniyuki and Itabashi-san (Jazz Pianist) was impressive.  They completely ad-libbed two songs and then did a third from Kuniyuki’s new album.

DJ Muro was spinning records, the first time I have heard him play.  Also very good, you can feel his experience speaking through his volume control and song selection.  Also great to see someone committed to using vinyl!  Love the analog records!

Here are some photos I shot of the store.  I cropped all photos to 6×6 size to fit with the theme of the store.  “Standard”

The 4th floor gallery space

First floor counter and stock boxes

Tent and gear display for the opening reception

The Standard tag that come with all products sold in the store.

The coolest fitting room on the planet.  Only two in the world both made for this store. 100% Gore-Tex zipper opening fitting room.

All the product display rack were custom built for the store.

Third floor rack.

Entrance views


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