Quick hike

Took a quick hike up “Yuhi dake” here in Jozankei yesterday. On Cafe is working with the shop B.C. Map to create a series of events combining hiking and Yoga. I will lead the hike and Deshi will teach the Yoga. We are hoping to have the first event in August. So we wanted to test out one of the local hiking courses in preparation for the event.

Was nice to be hiking in the mountains again. It has been so long since I have been mountain hiking. last month I got a few days hiking at Tateyama, but this was the first time summer hiking in maybe more than a year. Last year was so busy with the building of On Cafe that I didn’t do much hiking. Really enjoyed the fresh air and the exersize. Looking forward to a few more good hikes this season!

Trail head

Thanks to all the people who put in the hard work many years ago to cut this trail into the mountain.

The view of the surrounding mountains and of course the “View hotel.

Picked some mint from my garden and made some herb at the top.


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