The bees are coming!

I agree the sound coming from the TV is pretty damn annoying. I have enjoyed all the world cups that I have watched over the last ten years, but this one is tough to watch. We are playing two matches a day at the cafe with the volume blasting and it does sound like a huge swarm of bees coming. I find it hard to believe that they could actually ban the Vuvuzela’s though.

On Cafe is playing all the matches and so far the turn out has been incredibly pitiful. In fact we could probably win the award for “National sports bar with the fewest customers during a soccer match” award! If someone would kindly enter us in the competition. Half time of the second match of the day is right around midnight, so for two nights in a row, there were no customers, so we actually shut the bar and went home before the second half even started! What a joke.

Monday night is Japan against Cameroon, I am expecting a few locals to show up, but it will be interesting to see the actually turn out. Will keep you all posted.


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