There is a God

Denmark needs to go back to Denmark, Holland wiped your butt.

Japan…. Holy crap Japan actually won!

The only decent pass of the game lead to a goal, so that goes to show that proper passing actually means something in the game of soccer.

The rest of the game was meaningless passes to no one and Cameroun giving it all they had. Japan got lucky with this one.

Japan you can kick Denmarks ass, but Holland is going to be a rough one….

Oh and by the way what to hell happened to NHK at the end of the game. No audio during the player interviews…? Just the back ground sound of the crowd in the stadium for the last five minutes of the broadcast. At least 3 to 5 people should be losing there jobs right now due to that screw up. I had to do live over dubbing of the player interviews at On Cafe just to keep the mood good!

Speaking of On Cafe we had a total of 10 people come and watch the game today at On Cafe! wow, ten people! No wonder Japan won! miracles were happening all over the globe! After the game was over we offered drinks for half price to celebrate the win, but everybody went home! Damn. Next J match is Saturday the 19th!


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