Tokyo TNF Fall Winter

In Tokyo now for the Fall Winter product showing that The North Face Japan is putting on right now in Harajuku.

The recently opened STANDARD store in Harajuku is being used as the location for the product exhibition.  This is by far my favorite North Face store in Japan.  Earthy, cool, lots of wood used in the design.  Product look great and are easy to find and the space works really well for events like this collection.   Check it out next time you are in Harajuku.  They are selling my photo-T there as well right now!  Yoroshiku!

In the evening after the product showing a nice crowd gathered in the Press Room for a showing of the cult climbing film El Capitan.  Filmed in 1968 it follows three climbers as they make there way up El Capitan in Yosemite.  Was great to watch this rare film from a wonderful period in history.  The innocence and purity from the late 60’s and early 70’s is well captured in the movie.  Check out Paper Sky magazine for more info on this film and the story behind it.  I came away feeling refreshed and excited to get to work on my own film projects.

Hirayama Yuji was a guest and chatted to the crowd after the event.  He recently climbed El Capitan in a world record time of less than 3 hours!  The guys in 1968 took three days to climb the same face.  Progression!


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