TKY wrap up!

A few shots and stories from the Tokyo trip.

Stopped by the new Volcom HQ in harajuku.  Very nice to be able to visit the showroom, and marketing team right in the heart of the city.  The Volcom staff seemed to be enjoying their new digs.  We talked about doing a possible photo exhibit in the fall at the Volcom store….

Lunch at “Shanti” for soup curry Sapporo style.  Soup curry still tastes better in Sapporo, but it was still nice to get a little spice in Tokyo.

Art at the Volcom office.

Shinjuku snap

Harajuku snap

Weirdo snap.  Chatted with this drunk dude outside the North Face store for a few long minutes.  Turns out he spent a lot of time in Hokkaido and we know a lot of the same people…  Told me how he is a DJ and then told me how he is a photographer.  Then he set of his computer on the street for an inpromtu slide snow to show me his photos.

Complete crap photos they were, but amusing to watch this character in action.  Oh yeah then he told me how he is a pro snowboarder and he is planning on getting The North Face to sponsor him!  Hell will freeve over before that happens buddy.

the best camera shop in Japan.  had to stop by and check it out, didn’t buy anything though….

Salary man moment.

Cafe at Montok with long time friend Fuji.

You know I used to really hate Tokyo.  I would always try to make my trips there as short as possible, now the tables have turned and I actually don’t want to leave.  Really enjoying the time spent in the urban jungle.  Thanks for the good times big city.


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