Kamakura trip

The North Face has opened another new store here in Japan, this time in the heart of Japans beach culture in Kamakura.  Patagonia has there Japan head office located there, in fact they are only a few hundred meters away from the new TNF store.  I went to the opening reception to shoot official photos for the press releases etc.,  Please check out the slide show I put together with shots from the store opening.  Click one of the photos below.

The speed and skill with which this company continues to open stores across Japan is amazing and inspiring. Keep in mind we are in the middle of a recession of unknown proportions and yet they continue to be successful at finding and developing new markets. I think they have found a winning formula for successful retail in Japan, competitors are taking notes I am sure. Congradulations to the team on the new location and best wishes.

Click here for the slideshow. http://neilhartmann.photoshelter.com

I have only been to Kamakura once before quite a few years ago and that was just to see the big Budda statue that the area is famous for. This time in was interesting to see the shopping district around the Kamakura train station. Lots of little boutiques, shops and resturants, plus a massive shrine at the end of the main road. Tons of tourists walking around, plus the well tanned locals hanging out talking about the surf. Great vibes all around.


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