Hypebeast update

The North Face photos I shot last week are being featured on the Hypebeast website, check it out. Click here for full report.

Then I found this other cool feature of Kenneth Capello photographer also on Hypebeast. There is a cool interview with him and he pretty much sums up my feelings about photography and the business of photography. I loved one answer in particular check it out.

How do you conceptualize your shoots?

I don’t. Everybody wants a concept. I get it. But you know, if one more rap artist calls me up and asks me what the concept for the shoot is, it’s just like why does there always have to be a fucking concept? I just want to take good photos. Sometimes you just need to let what’s going to happen, happen. The best photos I take are the spontaneous ones. But if someone’s paying a bunch of money, I’ll make them a concept. Whatever, we can have 10 concepts.

Great stuff, click here to read the rest. http://hypebeast.com


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