Photo book in the works

The day has finally come. After ignoring my slides piled up around the office and stuffed in unmarked brown envelopes for the last few years, the day has finally come to sit down and sort it all out.

For the last week I have been sorting sifting and cutting slides. Picking out the shots I want to keep for the future generations.

The plan is to try and release a coffee table photo book in the fall of this year. Hopefully it comes together, but regardless the first step is to pick out my best photos from the past ten to fifteen years.

What a job. I didn’t realize how many photos I had taken with film!

Except for a box of my best shot that was never returned by the assholes who used to work at “Future Snowboarding magazine” You bastards will burn in hell. That was some of my best work.

I have everything I ever shot at my house now.

A garbage back full of crap photos.  You got to shoot a lot to get a few good photos!

B grade shots in sheets stacked up.

Looking for the hidden gems on my classic wooden light table that I discovered at a used furniture shop about a month ago.  What a find only ¥3000


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