Hotel shooting again

I am back on the hotel photography again. Another job from the same client I had a few weeks ago, I guess my work proved good! Too bad the pay isn’t proving to be so good…. More on that later.

Shooting hotel rooms and lobby’s gets pretty boring after the first hour or two, but it certainly help make one a better photographer. Angles, lighting, positioning, lens selection, and of course tons of work on the computer balancing everything out after getting home. Here are a few selections. I shot about 2000 photos and selected that down to about 400 usable shots. From there the web designer will take whatever he likes.

Welcome sweets and tea upon check in.

The hot springs.

Japanese/French style dinner.  Sushi appeared from the kitchen floating on top of dry ice!  Sushi from heaven.

Teppan yaki chef getting fancy.

Check out the room!  This one is called Spa Living!  I think we get the point!


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