Sunday I had a job shooting photos for a North Face sponsored event at the Sapporo Factory. By the time that was all done it was time for me to drive directly to Furano. I had another hotel to shoot and I wanted to get there early in order to shoot with the sunrise.

Nice room with a view

Nice lavendar pots sitting on the table.

Lavender field!

Check it out I am in full nature photographer mode!  Butterfly in action!

Entrance way.

Interesting note.  This property was originally built by an insurance company.  So was the hotel I shot last week in Jozankei.  Both were what is known as “Hoyojo” in Japanese.  Not sure what the exact translation is, but basically it is a property owned by a company and used exclusively by the company employees.  Company retreats, seminars, maybe a place to bring important clients etc.,  Well now the insurance companies are all going down the drain and they are selling off their properties at bargain basement prices.  So a few smart hotel owners are buying them up.  A quick remodel and bingo you have a high end hotel open for business!

This is truly an incredible property, secluded, huge peice of land, lavender field, garden, 25 rooms, 5 minutes from Furano Ski area, French quisine etc., etc.,


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