Sketch it up

Recently went through an old sketch book I had laying around the house and found a bunch  of stuff that I have forgotten about.  This is a sketch book I had since I was in elementary school back in the states.  Somehow it has stayed with me for the last 26 years.  I found a few pages filled with storyboarding from the very first snowboard film I made called “Introduction”.  This is one of the movies I am planning on reissuing on DVD this year.  I might use some of these scans in the package design or maybe for a menu on the dvd.

Now check out some of the classic sketches I did when I  was about 12.  I have never been much of an artist as you can see from the sketches, but after 26 years it is kind of fun to see what I was doing at the time.

Is this my Bin Laden sketch?  This was long before Al Qaida was a known word, maybe I had a premonition.


Yo MJ!  Actually looks like MJ crossed with Mr. T check out the thick neck!

Side note, I have now idea why I initialed these sketchs as N.J.  There is no J in my name…. must have been my sketch name.

Keep sketching everybody!


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