Women’s style book

The North Face has come out with a small pocket-sized Women’s Mountain Style book for the upcoming fall-winter season.  They chose three of my photos for the project.  Two shots from Kirkwood, California and one shot from Tateyama, a riding shot featuring Miyake Yoko.

Nice quality printing on paper that feels cool to the touch.  The photos turned out well, with a nice contrast.  Here is a look.

I did not shoot the fashion photos, but thought I would share one here.


Roots and Tweets package!

Masato, my designer for the “Roots & Tweets” package, has been working late nights putting together this masterpiece. I just gave him a bunch of photos, some scans of old VHS tapes that I had laying around the house and some general guide lines on the style I wanted.  After that he was on his own to come up with something, and here is what he came up with!

I like it, and hope you do too.  “Roots & Tweets” will be coming to a snowboard shop near you around September the 17th!

Please ignore the spelling mistakes in the English below, caught it and fixed it!

Never before released on DVD, the rare and hard to find “Introduction” (1999) and “Escape” (2000) are now coming to the digital age. Through these first two films, director Neil Hartmann created the style and concept that would become the now infamous “Car Danchi” series. Introduction captures the spirit of snowboarding in the late 90’s with super 8 filming from Hokkaido to Alaska. Don’t miss the legendary halfpipe session with Terje Haakonsen at the Nippon Open. Escape continues with the theme of “escape the city, head to the mountains.” Niseko, and Rusutsu are featured along with classic backcountry locations. By including the full director’s commentary, you can now take a trip back in time with these two classic features from One Films and Neil Hartmann. Pure powder, pure freeriding, pure roots! Purity at its best.

Travel day

Woke up in Fukuoka at about 10 am, it had been a long night hanging out with the local crew.  The guys  in Fukuoka are super nice, they toured us around to all the clubs, we checked out a classic soul bar and finished off the night with a round of cold noodles.  Today was travel day heading back to Sapporo.  I ended up having to take two flights, transfering through Tokyo.  somehow the drive from the airport back to my house always seems to be the longest part of the travel day.

Highlight of the day was checking out Mt. Fuji from the airplane.  I got a few shots with Shizuoka city in the foreground.  Mt. Fuji climbing season ends on August 31st!

We wrapped up Fukuoka with lunch at this place.  The best Okonomiyaki I have ever had outside of Osaka area.  It was Hiroshima style with the soba noodles inside, delicious!

Standard Taxi to the airport.

Japan really knows how to staff airline counters!

Why does everything need to be wrapped in plastic?

Tagged up and ready to go.

Another hot and beautiful day.

Mt Fuji rising from the clouds.

Fukuoka now

Arrived in Fukuoka today to set up for the North Face event happening at the store in Tenjin Friday night. A special showing of the movie “El Capitan” I will be hosting the show on Friday night, starting time is 8:00pm free drinks etc., You can also check out some great photography from Shibuya Yuri with a series of B&W shots from Yosemite.

Here is a little preview