Meet Yoshitomo a 64 year old Gentleman and train fanatic who I met last month in Furano.  I bumped into him on top of a hill trying to get a photo of the Furano town and ski resort.  He was there  waiting to shoot a train that was scheduled to come by.

We chatted for a while and he even showed me some of his collection of photos shot around Hokkaido over the years.  Thanks to the the camera hanging around my neck I was able to meet another Hokkaido/Nature/camera lover and share a few minutes together.

Retired and single after his wife passed away, Yoshitomo now makes day trips around the island to shoot mostly trains and sometimes a good nature shot.  No business involved, just doing it because he loves trains and pictures.

Here is one of the trains we shot together, though not the one Yoshitomo was waiting for.

Yoshitomo shoots exclusively on print film and carry’s around a lot of his prints in his tiny mini car.  Wrinkled and well worn from showing them to people and carrying them around, those prints had a lot of flavor and history.  Great stuff.

The train Yoshitomo was waiting for.  Classic Hokkaido train shot in the Furano valley, hope to see you again Yoshi!


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