Roots and Tweets package!

Masato, my designer for the “Roots & Tweets” package, has been working late nights putting together this masterpiece. I just gave him a bunch of photos, some scans of old VHS tapes that I had laying around the house and some general guide lines on the style I wanted.  After that he was on his own to come up with something, and here is what he came up with!

I like it, and hope you do too.  “Roots & Tweets” will be coming to a snowboard shop near you around September the 17th!

Please ignore the spelling mistakes in the English below, caught it and fixed it!

Never before released on DVD, the rare and hard to find “Introduction” (1999) and “Escape” (2000) are now coming to the digital age. Through these first two films, director Neil Hartmann created the style and concept that would become the now infamous “Car Danchi” series. Introduction captures the spirit of snowboarding in the late 90’s with super 8 filming from Hokkaido to Alaska. Don’t miss the legendary halfpipe session with Terje Haakonsen at the Nippon Open. Escape continues with the theme of “escape the city, head to the mountains.” Niseko, and Rusutsu are featured along with classic backcountry locations. By including the full director’s commentary, you can now take a trip back in time with these two classic features from One Films and Neil Hartmann. Pure powder, pure freeriding, pure roots! Purity at its best.


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