Heli is coming to Jozankei

A few weeks ago I spent a day doing what I do a lot of. Connecting people. After almost 20 years in Japan I have met a lot of people and they all seem to remember me and my phone number. So I get a lot of calls about random stuff and people asking me this and that. Then I do my best to hook people up and make things happen. I have been doing that a lot since I moved to Jozankei Onsen. A lot of the time these connections turn out nothing at all, but every now and then the stars align and the flower bears fruit. This is one of those cases.

A pilot for a heli company that I know called me up and said, what about doing heli flights in Jozankei area during the peak of the autumn colors? I said lets start connecting! After a day in Jozankei we had a spot. The parking lot at Hoheikyo Onsen! hands were shook deals were made and the paper work was put in for processing!

Now here it is, from October the 2nd for about three weeks you will have the chance to fly in a heli and check out the famous fall colors around the Hoheikyo dam area. This may not happen again next year so I would take the flight if you have the chance. Come out on a good weather day and try to spend the cash for the 10,000yen flight. It will be worth it! With the coupon below you get 1000yen off!


Thanks to Paul

I just check out Paul Mittelmans blog on http://www.honeyee.com and he had this video of Gil Scott Heron. I have always been a big fan of Gil so thought I would share this one here. This video is really out there, not sure if the song is brand new or not, but it is more like an abstract short movie than a music video. Check it out late at time when you have 10 minutes to chill out.

Top Quality lodging

If you need a top quality hotel when visiting Sapporo, here is my recomendation. http://www.club-jyozankei.com/

Check out the new web site made by the crew at Art Creation using my photography. A few of the photos are left overs from the original site, but I re-developed everything to match my new photos and I think you would have trouble figuring out which are which.

It is a pleasure to be a part of a web project that looks this good. Certainly a first for me.

iphone art

I recently switched my phone over to the new iPhone 4.  I had been looking forward to getting an iPhone for a long time, but I never expected it to be such an amazing digital camera.   This is by far the best point and shoot digital camera I have ever had.  So easy to use, and thanks to the hundreds of apps availible there are 1000’s of styles to shoot and or develop with.  I love it.  You won’t find a small or medium size camera in my pocket any more.  It is either the iPhone or an SLR.

Here are two collages from my latest trip.  Tokyo-Nagasaki-Tokyo-Sapporo September 20th to 26th.

A look at the TNF store in Nagasaki

Connected to the JR Nagasaki station is a big mall with lots of fashion stores.  The entire third floor was renovated recently and September the 23rd was the renewal open.  The North Face store is now 2 to 3 times larger than it was originally and also features the Helly Hansen and Champion brands.  Oh yeah East Pack as well.  If you are in Nagasaki or visiting the area and need some tech gear stop by and  check it out.  The spacious store makes it easy to spend time and find exactly what you want.

Here are my shots from the store.  Just so you know all photos shot with Nikon D700 using three lens.  70 ~200 f2.8  16mm fish eye and 28mm Nikon PC lens.  I like to bump up the definition in Aperture and maybe a little extra contrast in some shots.  I white balance on sight and then leave the colors as is.