A perfect 10

On Sunday I went to the music event “big Fun a garden party” held in Hakkenzan area on the outskirts of Sapporo. This was the third year the event was held there, and the second time for me to go. Absolutely fantastic event. I am giving it a perfect 10. The location is a combination fruit orchard and mustang horse riding business normally. Surrounded by mountains and forests the views are great, the air is super fresh and there is even a small lake for fishing.

Now add a massive sound system in the middle of the cherry tree orchard and fill the DJ booth with names like Derrick May and Larry Heard (Mr. Fingers) and you have one hell of a party. Oh yeah 1500 people help make the party happen.

The main reason I am giving the event a score of 10 is because the number of people perfectly matched the location and the provided services. The balance could not be better. The lines at the bar were short enough that you didn’t get bored waiting, yet long enough that you could chat with friends or make some new ones. The Dance floor/field was packed, yet room enough to swing your arms and not hit someone.

Did I mention that they let the first 400 people in FREE. This is the kind of event that will make history in the long run. People will be talking about this for a long time to come. Much respect to the Precious Hall crew who work so hard to put these event together! Thank you guys and look forward to next year!

The dance floor was going off when I got there about 5pm.  Derrick May from Detroit was spinning.

Day to night.  Larry Heard took over at about 7pm.  I have always been a fan of his albums under the  name Mr. Fingers so it was a pleasure to hear him spin.  He definitely had that Mr. Fingers sound happening!

Fireworks were nice and close!

The North Face dome tent was being used as a back stage for the artists.

Artist Rei from Tokyo was there!

Kuniyuki and rapper Dai-Hard.  Interesting combo…

Boss from Tha Blue Herb.

Shinya and Ori congradulations!

The overview of the location.


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