Shiraoi hotel shoot

Spent a day and a half shooting at the new Furukawa Hotel in Shiraoi here in Hokkaido.  Got back home yesterday at about noon.  It was a fun shoot as I have not been near the ocean in a awhile and I love shooting near the beach.  Endless views and constantly changing conditions make it interesting.  The weather was perfect including a star gazing session on the roof of the hotel at night and an incredible sunrise the following morning.  I  got lucky on this one for sure.  Check out some of the photos below.

The lobby/lounge is massive and features this great set of windows over looking the ocean.

There are only 30 rooms in the whole building so each room is like a suite.  Massage chair in every room, luxury view from the bed in this room.

Different design still a great view.

There are two “pet” rooms which have separate entrances from the outside of the building directly into the rooms.  Pretty nice if you have a noisy dog and don’t want to disturb the other guests.  These two rooms are the only ones that have TV’s installed.  All other rooms have no TV, pretty gutsy move for a Japanese hotel.

The village nearby seen from the roof.

Dinner was great, crab, sashimi, local beef which you cook yourself at the table etc.,  Very nice glass of red wine.

The meditation room.  Great idea, built into the side of the cliff, this is a space for guests to chill out, read a book or just meditate while listening to the waves.

Dessert is served in the lounge area.

After dinner we took a trip up to the roof to check out the stars.  Great view. The bright lights on the horizon are from squid fishing boats.  They use the lights to attract the squid.

Woke up at 4:30am to catch the sunrise.

Might be my favorite shot from the shoot.  The Hot Springs just after sunrise.

Japanese breakfast anyone?  The main dish is a mega shitake mushroom which you cook yourself in the fry pan with butter.

A job well done, time to take a break and enjoy the view.  If you are planning a trip to Hokkaido I highly recommend this hotel, you won’t be disappointed.


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