Travel to Shizuoka

Yesterday I made the trip to Shizuoka to shoot photos at the new North Face store opening up there. Great weather on the flight down provided some nice views. Finally, I was able to score a window seat, as the last few flights I took were too full and I had to sit in an aisle seat. I always feel like I am missing something.

This photo is from two days ago when I was driving back from Shiraoi. It is the true Hokkaido view of cows and wide open spaces.

On this flight I could see the city of Tomakomai below as we leave the coast of Hokkaido.

Mt. Yotei appears under the wing.

Lake Shikotsu is a crater lake.  Someone told me that the volcano which erupted to form that lake was about 4000 meters high!

Shizuoka is famous for Japanese tea.  One can see endless fields of tea as we approach the airport.

Thanks to Kaku-san from Connect for picking us up in his classic Westfalia van!

We had to go and check out the Gundam Festival going on in downtown Shizuoka!

“Oh man I wish I could have a truck like this one” as “you would be bad ass Sato-san!”

The classic Japanese truck was on display alongside Gundam.  Not sure if there is a direct connection, but who cares.  Don’t see many of these on the road any more.


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