A look at the Shizuoka TNF store

Lets take a look at the new TNF store in Shizuoka.  Was really impressed with Shizuoka and the people there.  The city has a countryside feel and the buildings are not the newest, but the streets and properties are clean.  Yards are kept up and even old buildings seem to be maintained with some care and loving.  I am so used to Hokkaido, which looks like a ghost town junkyard.  Nice to see people have some pride in their community.

The crowd who gathered for the reception was also very nice.  Fashionable, young, friendly and stoked to see the new shop.  They seemed fascinated to watch Kuniyuki performing live.  He did a 30 minute performance where he creates a song live starting with stuff that he found in the store.  A gourd, a cup etc.,  He samples the sounds and creates an original song out of that.  Amazing to watch.  If you really want to see what it sounds like you can watch the live performance on my Ustream channel.  I broadcast part of the performance live from my iPhone.  I like the way you can broadcast live now with smart phones, and I think I am going to start doing that a lot more, so stay tuned.

I will have some shots from the reception and live performance up tomorrow, but for now enjoy some shots of the shop.  The second floor is a cafe and book store called 223 Cafe.

Good luck to the staff and crew. I hope to visit the store again soon!


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