Kyoto one night trip

Back from a quick trip to the cultural center of Japan, Kyoto! I always look forward to a trip to Kyoto, certainly one of my favorite cities in the world. This trip was only one night, but I was able to get up early and take a taxi to the Yasaka Jinja entrance. From there I spent about an hour and a half walking around snapping pictures. Lets just say it is not hard to take good pictures of that area! Kyoto is photogenic. I was there before 8am and was suprised to see that the place and surrounding streets were empty. The only people were actual monks and apprentices cleaning the court yards and artifacts and a few older people making the rounds doing their morning prayers. It was a pleasure to be the only “tourist” in the area. I have been to Kyoto and that area a few times before but never with that few people. I highly recommend an early start when visiting.

The main reason for the trip was to shoot photos of the opening of a new Pop-up North Face store located in Fuji Daimaru department. There is already a store on the 6th floor, but for the next four months you can find a cool “Standard” North Face store on the second floor. This store follows the same theme as the Harajuku version of “Standard” A tight selection of TNF clothing and hard gear only using the colors, black, blue and red. If you are looking for some stylish outdoor and urban outdoor gear while in Kyoto this is the place.


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