Kanda tour

Yesterday was Kanda tour day.  Kanda is the area in Tokyo that has all the major sports shops, Victoria, Minami, Liberty, Mizuno, etc.,  Kanda’s was probably at its peak about 15 to 20 years ago.  The ski boom and then later the snowboard boom fueled the market there and led to all the huge shops they have there now.  Business is not what it once was, but the area is still impressive.  I do have to say, I really think sporting goods stores should take a long hard look at the design and layout concepts they are using….  If those shops were not selling my DVD, I would probably never step inside.  It is time for a revolution in sporting goods store design in Japan.

Yesterday’s plan was to walk around and say hi to the staff at all the stores which are stocking the DVD “Roots & Tweets.”  Then at 5 pm we had a showing at Victoria’s Viento shop.    About 35-40 people showed up for the premiere and it was a fun casual event.  I took on the MC spot and helped lead the event.  Thanks go out to all the people who took the time to come watch the movie!

The staff of the day!  I wonder how long he left that sticker on his head?

The coolest shop in Kanda turned out to be the North Face shop collaboration with ICI sports.  Very cool layout and designers, and they are using some of my photos!

This shot behind the counter was taken at Lake Sapporo last season.  The lake was beginning to freeze and it made for some interesting patterns.

I was stoked to be a part of the best looking shop in Kanda!

Me and Jizo at the after party, but that is another story!


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