Heli is coming to Jozankei

A few weeks ago I spent a day doing what I do a lot of. Connecting people. After almost 20 years in Japan I have met a lot of people and they all seem to remember me and my phone number. So I get a lot of calls about random stuff and people asking me this and that. Then I do my best to hook people up and make things happen. I have been doing that a lot since I moved to Jozankei Onsen. A lot of the time these connections turn out nothing at all, but every now and then the stars align and the flower bears fruit. This is one of those cases.

A pilot for a heli company that I know called me up and said, what about doing heli flights in Jozankei area during the peak of the autumn colors? I said lets start connecting! After a day in Jozankei we had a spot. The parking lot at Hoheikyo Onsen! hands were shook deals were made and the paper work was put in for processing!

Now here it is, from October the 2nd for about three weeks you will have the chance to fly in a heli and check out the famous fall colors around the Hoheikyo dam area. This may not happen again next year so I would take the flight if you have the chance. Come out on a good weather day and try to spend the cash for the 10,000yen flight. It will be worth it! With the coupon below you get 1000yen off!


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