Ebis Films teaser!


Thanks to Casio and G’z One

Check it out, a few weeks ago I did an interview talking about the new edition of Casio’s outdoor styled cell phone the G’z One.  I used the waterproof/shock resistant phone for two years and thought it was the best phone on the market for outdoor multi purpose use.  So when I was asked if I wanted to be interviewed I was stoked to have the chance.  Check out the rather high tech web design and interview, Japanese only folks!


I have two Casio cameras a phone and of course a Casio calculator so I guess I am an Ambassador!  Now looking forward to the next generation Waterproof, shock resistant Smart phone G’z One???!!!  Somebody please make it happen.

Long Heli flight

Lucky lucky!

When I heard that “Heli-SYS” would be moving their heli back to their base heli port and office in Tomamu on Friday I knew I had to get a seat!  I made a couple of calls and promised a photo trade off in return for a free seat on the 35 minute flight to Tomamu from Jozankei.  What a chance, how often do you get to use a heli like a taxi!

So yesterday at 10 am I got on board with pilot Sekiguchi-san and we took off under blue skys.  I have made the trip to Tomamu by car maybe 50 times in my life and it takes at least 3 hours with a good risk of hitting a deer along the way.  It was an incredible feeling to cruise their in under 40 minutes while witnessing some never before seen views!  Check it out!

Jozankei still with a lot of snow on the ground.

Sapporo Minami-ku.

Final round of the season?

Katsurazawa lake

Yubari dake eastern slope.  Great mountain, rather hard to access… unless you have a heli!

Tomamu resort

After chilling at Tomamu’s tower cafe for a quick hour I was at the train station ready to catch my ride home.  A train back to Sapporo.  Nice, but certainly a few ranks lower on the transportation scale.  It was packed, had to stand in the aisle for most of the way, at least I got a fall color shots!  Damn I wish I had a heli.

First snow is deep!

The first snowfall set a new record here in my little village of Jozankei.  We got about 30 plus cm of snow by yesterday morning!  My 74 year old neighbor said that has only happened two or three times in his life!  I remember getting about 5 cm on November the 3rd five years ago.  Maybe this is the mega season we have all been waiting for.  here are some shots from yesterday morning about 7 am.  I walked around the neighborhood for about 30 minutes in the morning trying to capture the magic of the first snow.

Although it is very pretty and everyone is excited about the first snow of the season, I have to make a note here.  The tree population took are hard hit with this storm.  Due to the fact that most of the trees at lower elevations still had leaves on the branches the combined weight was too much for some.  At night in my office I could here the sound of branches snapping and the thud of trees falling over.  Just in my neighborhood I would say at least a hundred trees were down by morning.  The electric company was having a field day trying to cut branches and trees that had fallen on power lines all day today.

Red leaves on a maple tree with snow, unusual scene for this area.

The One Films mobile studio is ready for action!  Let it snow!

Book to Snow

Well the time has come to make it official here on the blog.  I will be coming out with a coffee table style photo book on November the 27th of this year!  I have been holding off talking about this project on the blog, because I always had this feeling that the whole project might fall through.  Now we are in the final stages of producing this book and yesterday I got to color proof and actually see a printed version of the book, so the reality is sinking in!  It is actually going to happen!

Having a photo book has always been a dream so this is really an exciting moment for me.  Over the last few month I have been working with the very good people at Bueno! Books out of Tokyo to produce this book and they have been fantastic.  I think we have something here that will shake people up a little.  The paper, the cover and the binding are all different from anything I have have seen done with snowboard related photo books.  I am so excited to get this out to book stores, so please let me know what you think when you can actually hold a copy in your hands.

Anyway, still a few more weeks in the pipeline so hang in there.  I will keep you posted with more news as the date gets closer.  Yesterday made all the needed orders for color changes, etc and the printing company is now putting in the overtime to get that done and still keep to our on sale date.

Here is a look at a test print of the cover that I got today.

My mock up of the book for color proofing.

The title of the book is “BLUETiFUL”  a new word I created for this book.  The photos were selected from photo shoots and sessions with the Blueblood team and other friends and riders over the last 10 years.  So the “Blue” part comes from that.  And I also wanted to state my love for the beautiful winter season so I combined the two words together.  It also has a classic Japlish kind of ring to it.

Now check out the latest weather report which predicts  20 to 30 centimeters of snow overnight for the Hokkaido mountain areas!

Now look at this!  A typhoon is actually heading up towards Japan at the same time!  What is going to happen when that meets this big cold front hitting us now?

There you have it cars getting buried in my front yard on October the 26th!

Shed build

Posted these pics to Twitter over the last week, but thought it worthy to post on the blog as well.  Worked on an addition to my shed over three days last week.  All made with wood laying around, the only thing I bought were some metal braces and connecting plates for the main supports.  Those supports were pulled from a very old house nearby that had fallen down maybe 10 to 15 years ago.  They are hand cut and at least 80 years old.  Anyway will be trying to finish this project over the next few days.   I want to add metal roofing so the snow slides off and some plastic siding to keep snow from coming in.  Also hoping to install my cheap wood stove on the deck area for winter warmth while waxing my snowboards!