Jet Lag back in action

Yo I am back at the home office and the jet lag seems to be kicking in! Might as well make a few blog posts while I am feeling awake.

Time to announce the big snowboard film festival coming up on the 11th at Sapporo’s Moerenuma park. That’s right we will be back in the glass pyramid again, this time with a bunch of other local film makers all showing off their latest productions. Each film has made a special 15 minute edit of the their movies and these will be shown back to back for a total of two hours.

I will be hosting the event which is being put on by Sapporo’s B.C. Map backcountry store. A great shop for both snowboarders and skiers located near Soen Station on the JR line.

The DVD’s will be on sale at the event and there will also be a few prizes given away to those who buy a copy of any movie on site.   Check the flyer for times and details below.  Please help spread the word, lets get the snow loving community together and have a pre season pow wow!



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