USA photo review

I downloaded the photos from my iPhone that I shot during my 5 day trip to the USA.  A lot of these were posted on my twitter feed, but I thought it worth while to show them again here on the blog.
Arrival and rental car pick up.

Cider Donuts Vermont Style!

Jack Mitrani at the gold course and charity cow art from Burlington.

Entrance way to Burton Snowboards home office and scenes from Jakes house where the Fall Bash was held. 1400 people showed up for the free party at Jakes house. How many presidents of corporations have 1400 people around to their house for a yearly free party?

Riding High skate shop, the name says it all. They had a hand drwn map outside with all the streets labeled just like a ski trail map. Double black diamond etc., Shopping day in Burlington.

Back to the Burton office, found my first snowboard on the wall of history. 1985 Performer Elite. Love it!

In Chris Doyle’s misty workshop. This is the guy who designs and creates boot and bindings for Burton. A pleasure to check out a snowboard craftsmans work space. He showed us a bunch of stuff, but there was a lot more he would not show! New stuff still two three years in advance is what he is working on.

Me hanging out with the legendary board designer JG at the Burton lounge. Thanks for the great tour of the new proto lab!

Thanks to @Daisnow and @kishihara for a great trip!

also a pleasure to meet Marin from JDK thanks for taking us to Burlingtons most popular spot, “American Flatbread” Great dinner!

Discovered Jake Burton himself in the Chicago Airport! An advertisment for SAP the computer system.

A quick trip to the toilet on the plane and I was able to snap this picture of the Canadian Rockies.

Arrival back in JP. ahh reality sinks in…..


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